Abhijeet Publishes Paper

Abhijeet’s paper on “Large-Area Nanolattice Film with Enhanced Modulus, Hardness, and Energy Dissipation” has been published by the journal Scientific Reports. Congratulations!    

Jared Publishes Paper

Jared’s paper on “Nanostructured antireflective in-plane solar harvester” has been published by the journal Optics Express. This work was conducted as a part of Jared’s undergraduate research. Congratulations!

Chang Group at EIPBN 2017

Chang Group attends the 61th Int. Conference on Electron, Ion, and Photon Beam Technology and Nanofabrication in Orlando, FL.  Joong Hee and I-Te gave oral presentations on metal accordions and roll-to-roll printing of periodic 3D nanostructures, respectively. Joong Hee and Read More …