Austen Publishes Paper

Austen’s paper on “Twin photonic nanojets generated from coherent illumination of microscale spheres and cylinders” has been published by the journal Nanotechnology. This work was conducted as a part of Austen’s undergraduate research. Congratulations!

Chang Group at IMECE 2017

Chang Group attends the 2017 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE) in Tampa, FL. I-Te and Xiaolong presented their work on continuous printing of 3D nanostructures and recycling colloidal particles, respectively, and Dr. Chang gave a talk on multifunctional Read More …

Wei-Yi Publishes Paper

Wei-Yi’s paper “Patterned nano-domains in PMN-PT single crystals,” has been published by the journal Acta Materialia. Congratulations! This work was a collaboration with Prof Xiaoning Jiang’s group.

Allan Publishes Paper

Allan’s paper “Enhanced total internal reflection using low-index nanolattice materials” has been published by the journal Optics Letters. Congratulations!  

Abhijeet Publishes Paper

Abhijeet’s paper on “Large-Area Nanolattice Film with Enhanced Modulus, Hardness, and Energy Dissipation” has been published by the journal Scientific Reports. Congratulations!